Welcome to the Genesis Network

The premier digital P2P point-of-sale and payment processing ecosystem for business and e-Commerce

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What is the Genesis Network?

The Genesis Network is a blockchain based payment processing ecosystem.

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Decentralized Digital Ecosystem

The Genesis Network believes in the core values of decentralization. This allows all persons and businesses to be in control of their own funds, without a central authority.

More Than A Cryptocurrency

The Genesis Network begins with the Genesis (GENX) blockchain. The Genesis blockchain provides the fundamental building blocks for developing the standard in decentralized point-of-sale and payment processing platforms

Evolving & Immutable

The Genesis Network utilizes the latest in technologies on and off the blockchain to create a strong, secure and private network powered by users. Utilizing open-sourced development platforms, Genesis Network will always be an ever-evolving platform.


The Genesis Network Official Team is open, honest and transparent with all portions of the project, including fund allocation. The team launched the Genesis Network with no ICO, no premine and no monetary donations from investors.