Genesis (GENX) Bech32 Paper Wallet

About the Bech32 Paper Wallet

The Genesis Bech32 Paper Wallet is an open source $GENX paper wallet generator that uses the BitcoinJS library.

Disclaimer: All functions on this page should be ran offline by saving the no template site and running the bech32.html.
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Prints in CSV format. 300 will take about 10 seconds.

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Genesis Brain Wallet

A brain wallet is a private key derived from some arbitrary data provided by the user. Brain wallets come with a high risk of losing funds through brute forcing. Some people use books, birth dates, poems or song lyrics -- these people lose all their money. Don't lose your money.

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Bech32 Address Details

Enter a Genesis WIF private key to generate its corresponding Genesis Bech32 address.

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