Genesis Exchanges

Buy, Sell & Trade $GENX

Genesis ($GENX)is currently available to buy, sell and trade on the following exchanges.

We are constantly seeking new listings and a number of well established exchanges are already on our internal list to target.

The Genesis team has a wealth of experience with listings and we strive to list Genesis on credible exchanges with a proven track record of success and transparency.


High: 40 Sats Low: 33 Sats
Volume (GENX): 1,030,932 (BTC): 0.367
Bid: 35 Sats Ask: 36 Sats
Buy Orders: 61 Sell Orders: 567


EscoDex is a decentralized exchange platform.

API not working. Data will show once it becomes available.


A secure exchange from the SafeCoin Team.

No trade data to display. Data will show once it becomes available.

Coming Soon™

Genesis will be targeting new exchanges as we reach milestones on our roadmap. Expect to hear plenty more news soon.