Bitcoin Forum Merit and Ranks explained.

Hey Guys!

I was finding it difficult to figure out how the whole rank and merit system worked on Bitcoin Forums.

So, I did some digging and figured out there are 2 links that explain how they both work.

Here are the 2 links:

The ranks are here:

The Merit is here:

Brand New:0 posts, gets 1 gold coin under his name.

Newbie:(none), gets 1 gold coin under his name.

Jr. Member:Activity: 30, gets 1 gold coin under his name.

Member:Activity: 60, gets 2 gold coins under his name.

Full Member:Activity: 120, gets 3 gold coins under his name.

Sr. Member:Activity: 240, gets 4 gold coins under his name.

Hero Member:Activity: 480, gets 5 gold coins under his name.

Legendary:Activity: the Legendary membergroup has no universal activity requirement.
You are guaranteed to become Legendary somewhere between 775 and 1030 activity,
but the exact point in this range at which you become Legendary is random per user.
Gets 5 gold coins under his name of which the last is half dark blue.

The way activity is calculated:
Quote from: theymos on June 18, 2013, 08:44:42 PM
The activity number is determined in this way:
time = number of two-week periods in which you've posted since your registration
activity = min(time * 14, posts)

Activity is updated every hour.

Rank Required activity Required merit
Brand new 00
Newbie 10
Jr Member 30 1
Member 60 10
Full Member 120 100
Sr. Member 240 250
Hero Member 480 500
Legendary Random in the range 775-1030 1000
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Staff member
Aug 23, 2018
I do not like the merit system.
Have an activity of 259 and by the merit system I'm just still Jr. member.

I lost the fun someday. It's like gaming, if you really want to succeed and you do not get it, then you run out of desire.

One is dependent on the benevolence of others to get ahead and I do not like that.
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Aug 13, 2018
@TecScout you can say that again mate. Although bct mods needed to do something to combat the constant spammy and low quality posts being posted on the forum, the merit system goes a little way in addressing it but many honest and quality posters became collateral damage as part of that process. I have almost double the activity required but don't get much merit even though my posts are atleast of average quality.

In the end, we have to break away from bct's strangle hold/monopoly on crypto forum and help other forums gain just as much traffic or better.
@TecScout Yeah, I am not a huge fan of it either. The whole forums are not really well done but they have a monopoly on the whole
crypto currency scene. I wish someone else would come in and take over that spot too.

Maybe one day I'll make it to the member status. I only need 7 more merit from anyone who actually gives it out :p
Aug 22, 2018
It's a bit unfair and frankly random, depending on the good will of people...
I had done dozen of (good) translations for altcoins and never received a single merit... With the new system I had even fallen back to newbie.
Thanks again to demoniok/themonkii who gave me a merit so I could join the sig campain as jr. member.


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Aug 30, 2018
I don't like the merit system aswell but it's needed, if you see the rate at which new members joined end last year, it was crazy.
I'm not so sure about another way to enforce this.


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Aug 23, 2018
You would also have to go here now and make Airdrops and Bounties so that you get the same amount of coins regardless of which rank (from Jr. to Legendary).

The current merit system penalizes newcomers as the chances to get points because the olerder guys distribute them.

But why should they make some newcomer rank better, after all, it means they could get even less coins on some airdrops.

Of course, something had to be done to curb the matter, but this does not mean that I would punish someone who would like to use the forum and actively participate.
Aug 12, 2018
Yeah, the merit system is ridiculous. I do get why they wanted to do it, but there has to be a better way. It's always annoyed me that, by simply being early one has way more than someone later even if they put in a ton of effort. I was lucky to make it to full member before the change, but I will likely never go beyond that now. I'm not going to merit hunt, and you never get merit for quality posts in alt-coin threads.