GENX listed to Midas.Investment platform and InstantBuy!


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Jun 14, 2018
Established in January 2018, Midas is one of the most reputable names in the masternode space.
We are excited to announce the listing of GENX to Midas and Genesis endorses the Midas service.
GENX has been listed to Midas platform and InstantBuy, and will be listed to the upcoming Midas exchange and AutoSell.

Midas Platform
Invest on the Midas platform to optimise your investments. Management of funds is simple and hassle-free and puts the investor in full control.
  • Zero fees: Invest in GENX with zero fees on the Midas.Investments platform by activating the MIDAS Lock-in.
  • Instant Share: Receive rewards from the instant share node to begin generating rewards immediately - no waiting, no fuss, no delays.
  • Automated platform: Have full control over your investments. Automated regular payouts, deposits and withdrawals along with scaled reinvestments make the Midas platform the #1 management tool.
Purchase GENX directly on the Midas platform through InstantBuy to receive your investment and begin generating rewards immediately.
  • No waiting: InstantBuy is truly instant. Purchase coins at market rate on InstantBuy without worries of exchange liquidity, waiting for orders to fill or waiting for transfers.
  • The InstantBuy revolution: BTC you spend on InstantBuy goes towards managed buy wall support on exchange and generating Genesis revenue vital for the development success of Genesis.
  • The future!: The upcoming Midas exchange will be built on top of the investment platform to offer a seamless exchange and investment experience to fully support the InstantBuy and AutoSell network. AutoSell will allow for the automated and sustainable sale of rewards directly to BTC!
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