GENX Retweet bounty

Aug 22, 2018
Hey there,

Let me present you a nice way of earning GENX by simply rewteeting / liking GENX tweets.

First know that your twitter account needs to be at least one week old and that you need to have 10 or more followers and to have already tweeted a minimum of 5 times.

If that's the case then the first step is to join the GENX discord channel if you haven't already which can be done by following this link :

Now you need to link your twitter account to the genesis tip bot.
You can do that by sending a PM to genesis-tipbot or by using the #genesis-tipbot channel. Either way you will need to send the following line of command :
!connect <platform> link <identifier>
!connect twitter link @yourtwitterhandle

Once that's done you can check your balance anytime by using the command !balance and finally you can withdraw your GENX to your wallet by using : !withdraw amount youraddress
!withdraw SMrhWHaYhoMuPgk3WpAwui3jMf5BeZwMjP 100

And that's it !

Now everytime you like/retweet a GENX tweet, you will be compensated ! So keep an eye on the #twitter-feed channel and spread the word !
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