How'd you get into Crypto?


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Sep 22, 2018
I learn about crypto through ransomware stoneware about oct 2017. I am not a victim of it. Just I read a news about the ransomware ask for bitcoin, then I started to find out what is bitcoin all about. Once I get to know bitcoin, I totally buy the concept. Now I am cryptonizen. Blockchain really got it future, just need time to be more mature.
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Sep 22, 2018
For me I have joined this just this year 2018 in may, I can say that I am still really a newbie and have a lot of things to learn in the cryptoworld. I have tried to do trading but unfortunately it didn't go too well, that's why I really want to learn more about this world. It is very interesting that many people got a successful story with the crypto. I hope time will come the I have to tell my own successful story in this road.
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I'm always curious how you all got into crypto?
I think its fair to say you've all heard my story a few times.
I got into Crypto through good friend introducing me to it and have since been continuing to learn and grow my knowledge base and portfolio. Glad I was able to get into it when I did. It's been a fun ride and can't wait to hop in for the next big bull run with GenX. Great work guys!!
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Aug 22, 2018
Being a bit of a nerd I've known about bitcoin very early but I did not believe in it (yeah...). Then friends of mine strongly advised me to mine some ETH years later (must be late 2016 or early 2017 I don't remember exactly), and then again I did not believe them (yeah......).
So I finally got into it with everyone else, december 2017 when the prices exploded. I started with mining and it was very profitable for a few more month and even though it isn't anymore, I'm just hooked now.

Ofc I do hope to make a few bucks but I'm not here to get rich, I live comfortably already, I just really like it. The mining part, discovering and helping new projects... It's quite entertaining actually.
Sep 22, 2018
Truth be told, I got involved with crypto because I got hyped up with the idea of mining BTC, and thus creating passive income.

But in the end, instead of making money online I lost alot of my savings.

Only consolation was, I almost go all-in on ASIC miners but last minute changed my order of 1 pallet of miners to 4 separate different miners at different stages between Nov 2017 till Jan 2018.

That 1 pallet of ASIC miners would have cost about 30k USD, and that exclude taxation and other misc costs... phew..
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Nov 11, 2018
I got to know Crypto in 2017 precisely in March when a friend gave me information about the blockchain and Bitcoin systems, at that time I was not interested because the payment system using Bitcoin couldn't be done in my country, then I tried to find information about investment, whether may invest in crypto, especially my country does not prohibit crypto investment, then I bought ethereum and made a profit in December 2017, it was very fun because I never thought I could be part of the crypto community and finally I love crypto and be part of the community