lolminer 0.5 Genx pool setup

Sep 16, 2018
Download lolminer 0.5
Extract Zipfolder to Anywhere you wish. Remember to extract it where you can find it.
"Example" C:\Users Or drag zip to desktop and extract.
Once Extracted open the newly created lolMiner_v05_Win64_Bugfix folder, Look for the file user_config.json right click and scroll down to properties.
There will be a window that pops up. There you will see the type of file it is. Look right below that you'll see "opens with" and a button that says change.
Click change a new window will pop up, From there you will have to click the more apps and find notepad click and ok.

"By the way you can download notepad++ and skip all the default app to open the .json"
But now you know both ways!!

Hang in there!!

Now go back to the lolminer folder. You should see that the user_config.json looks like a notepad.
Right click and hit edit.
From here copy all text and delete. Either CRTL+a to copy all or drag over it all with your mouse.
Once deleted, copy this code into the .json.

"APIPORT" : 0 }, "GENX" : { "COIN" : "GENX", "POOLS" : [ {"POOL" : "", "PORT" : "6110", "USER" : "YOURADDRESSHERE!!!!>RIGNAME", "PASS" : "x"}, {"POOL" : "", "PORT" : "6110", "USER" : "YOURADDRESSHERE!!!.RIGNAME", "PASS" : "x"} ] } }

Paste into where you deleted all the lines.
Before you save, Change the pool, sever port and the address you wish to use.
Now just save!
Almost done!
Now back to the lolminer folder where you found the .json file look for the batch file named run_miner.
Right click run_miner and edit. Click ok when windows uac pops up.
Once notepad open look for the string set "PARAMS=--profile %PROFILE%".
Change the to this. set "PARAMS=--profile GENX"
Go ahead and save!
Run the run_miner all should work! If not check to make sure the pool address is right. The port is right for that pool. The address you're using is correct and finally, you set the right line in the batch file "PARAMS=--profile GENX....

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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