Winklevoss Twins Still Pushing For Bitcoin ETF


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Jun 14, 2018

The Winklevoss Twins have been firm believers of Bitcoin right from the beginning. They were part of the group that wanted to ensure that legality and frameworks were made on behalf of Bitcoin so that it can move onto more significant and influential institutional investors who sought regulations.
In 2018, the Winklevoss twins focused their efforts in a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) which did not work out so well. However, that has not stopped the twins for working towards a successful Bitcoin ETF for 2019.

In a recent Ask Me Anything on Reddit, the Winklevoss twins claim to keep working towards the Bitcoin ETF even if it takes another six years.

Winklevoss twins have time and again pushed on their vision of Bitcoin. They called Bitcoin a better version of hold, which is better at fungibility, scarcity, portability, and divisible than gold itself.

Stablecoins are highly favorable amongst the Winklevoss Twins. Their vision of stablecoins has been firm, with their very own Gemini dollar which was launched in September 2018. The Gemini dollar (GUSD) is an ERC20 compatible stablecoin, which is New York regulator-approved and is US Dollar backed.

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