As of Monday September 7th, GENX will swap to a TRC20 token on top of the Tron blockchain. In order to make the swap as easy as possible, there are some things you should go ahead and get started with ASAP.

Setup Your GENX for Easy Swapping

If you’ve been mining or masternoding GENX for some time, you probably have a lot of inputs. The software will not allow more than 1099 inputs at one time to be sent. If you try to send a large amount of coins at one time, you will probably get an error stating “transaction too large“. This simple means you’re trying to send more than 1099 inputs at a time.

How to fix this

If you have the Genesis Official 3.0.6.x wallet, first step is to go into Settings > Options > Wallet, then click “Enable coin control features” select OK. Go to the “Send” tab and click “Inputs”. Check mark all your inputs and see your Quantity.

If you have ~40k or less, simply send coins to yourself in small amounts until you get fewer inputs. If you have ~40k or more, it’s probably best and more efficient to use the duster. The duster requires a little effort to get started, but once you get it setup, it’s easy to run. Just follow the step by step instructions and visit the discord if you need more help.

Zelcore users

Zelcore WILL BE SUPPORTING the TRC20 token, however, they will not be performing the swap automatically. There will probably be delay in getting your funds eligible to swap through Zelcore, but it will be possible. It is highly recommended to download the Genesis Official wallet and get setup that way. Once swapped, please feel free to move back to Zelcore wallet.

Preparing for GENX TRC20

In order to actually perform the swap on the swap site, you’ll need to input a Tron (TRX) address to send the coins to. Which means you’ll need a TRX wallet.

Recommended Wallets:

  • Klever
    • Klever was formerly called TronWallet, but now that they are expanding, their focus is not JUST on Tron. Klever has a built in dApps browser and is extremely user friendly. Currently, balance will not show IN Klever until it is populated into the system. You can use the dApps browser to navigate to and use that.
  • TronLink
    • Personally, I’ve never used the application, but I use the Chrome/Brave browser extension. It’s the easiest way to connect to dApps.
  • Zelcore
    • Again, there will most likely be a delay with Zelcore. You can still use their Tron address, however. If you’re panicky, you can always get your Private Key from Settings > Asset Management and upload to Klever or TronLink while you wait. We’re working diligently with the Zelcore team so that there is not much delay in getting things rolling.

Swap Process

So now that you’re setup for success, the swap process is simple. Once available, you will simply visit the site, input your Tron (TRX) address and click submit. After submitting, a GENX (Sxxxxx) address will appear. You will send your GENX funds to this address. After 30 confirmations, GENX TRC20 token will appear in your Tron wallet.


Again, the swap has not begun just yet, but will begin shortly. There will be plenty of information given on the discord and twitter. If you need help, feel free to reach out.

Performing this swap is the beginning of great things to happen for the Genesis Network. Be prepared for a ton of information and great additions to the ecosystem. And always, thanks for sticking with us!