Mining Pools

Where to Mine $GENX

The Genesis blockchain is powered by Proof-of-Work (PoW) mining. Utilizing the 192.7 variant of the Equihash algorithm, the most successful way to mine $GENX is with video graphics cards, or GPUs, through a mining pool.

Mining software is available for both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs. The two most popular are as follows.

  • lolMiner for AMD or NVIDIA(closed source)
  • EWBF for NVIDIA (closed source)
  • GMiner for NVIDIA (closed source)

Please visit any of the following mining pools for assistance on how to setup and connect your software to mine $GENX.

Happy Mining!

"Reliable mining pools"

Workers: 106
Hash Rate: 22.38 KSol/s

Nibiru Pool

"Mining pools you can trust"

Workers: 15
Hash Rate: 1.12 KSol/s
Total Paid: 296,039 $GENX

Pool of D32th

"Low fees, high performance"

Workers: 66
Hash Rate: 8.74 KSol/s
Total Paid: 8,991,211 $GENX


"Feel the FOMO!"

Workers: 15
Hash Rate: 1.70 KSol/s
Total Paid: 2,121,835 $GENX


"Equihash mining pool"

Workers: 42
Hash Rate: 6.39 KSol/s
Total Paid: 12,261,278 $GENX

The Dirty Dozen

"Welcome To The Jungle"

Workers: 3
Hash Rate: 243.99 Sol/s
Total Paid: 544,335 $GENX