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The Genesis team consists of 5 founding members each contributing a wealth of experience to the project in many domains.
From our previous employment positions to our many roles within successful cryptocurrency projects, we have the expertise necessary to make Genesis a success.
We chose to disclose our identities as a testament to our virtues and personal integrity. Genesis strives for total transparency and we must set the trend.
As Genesis grows, so will the team. Make sure to visit again to learn about our newest members.

Shelby Sowell

Texas, USA

Project Manager

    Created the Genesis idea and overall project manager for Genesis. Five years in cryptocurrency covering all aspects of community management, advising, support, trading & mining. Degrees in Business Administration and Electronics Engineering. In the robotics and renewable energy sectors, was a technical lead/advisor for 8+ years and in project/business management for 5+ years. Non-crypto related interests and hobbies include modifying, collecting and racing cars, attending live music events, water sports and breaking stuff to see if it is repairable. Avid crypto hodler and trader.

Chris Allen

Ontario, Canada

Lead Community Manager

    Highly addicted to all things crypto, and proud to be part of the ever-evolving movement. Studied Network Administration at Algonquin College. Spent 10+ years working in the IT field (Networking, web development, online retail, and email marketing), and approximately 15 years working in sales, marketing, and online marketing. Extensive experience working with the public, and a keen eye for team/community building and engagement. Non-crypto related Interests and hobbies include fishing, video games, hockey, poker, and snowboarding. Strong advocate of the buy & HODL mentality.

Loki Taljaard

Johannesburg, South Africa

Lead Developer & Blockchain SME

    Polyglot coder and general language/platform agnostic (using the right tools for the task makes more sense to me than bending the task to fit the tools). Loves coding on/for different platforms for different reasons - each one has its own nuances and peculiarities that give each their very distinct characters. Background is very diverse which gives me the great advantage of having insight from various angles of a business challenge and different sides of the board room table. This enable a passion for integrating dissimilar systems into a harmonious whole, which is extremely satisfying.

Dr. James Turland

England, UK

Security Operations & Web Development

    Ex-academic, current Cyber Security Consultant with a penchant for all things crypto. Outside of designing secure systems and improving the Cyber Resilience capabilities of Blue chip clients, James enjoy cycling and breaking computers. Security by design and privacy through practice is my mantra. “A breach is inevitable, it's how you respond to it that matters”.

Scott Shipman

Texas, USA

Community Manager & Advisor

    Crypto enthusiast with a background in healthcare, IT, business analytics & support. Majority of career has been spent integrating and handling support of software systems for multimillion dollar companies along with assisting in public relations and marketing. Hobbies include billiards, video games, and playing the guitar.



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