Genesis Distribution Tracker

About Genesis Distribution Tracker

Genesis believes in transparency. To accomplish this, the Genesis team has decided to publicly show all reward/bounty/airdrop/infrastructure/etc. distributions. This, accommodated by a live blockchain explorer, will give peace of mind that funds are rightfully distributed. For any questions or comments, please visit the forums or Discord.

The Genesis team utilizes multi-signature addresses so that two team members are required to move funds. Most distributions, especially large ones like airdrops, are unrealistic to do a multisig for each reward recipient. Therefore, each Genesis founder has a "Distribution Address" in which distributions will be sent to, then sent to $GENX recipients individually.

Fund Distribution

Date Amount Founder Fund Account Justification Explorer
8.28.18247,552LokiGiveawayAirdrop #1Link
8.29.1850,321ShelbyInfrastructureOutsourced AMD Miner Development (lolMiner)Link
8.30.183,000ChrisGiveawayAssistance with QQ by zms1992 - Helping JamesLink
8.30.185,000ChrisGiveawayBounty payments -
9.12.18250ChrisGiveawayBounty Payment -
9.12.18250ChrisGiveawayBounty Payment -
9.12.18200ChrisGiveawaySent ot Phucdigan - Random Discord giveawayLink
9.12.1810,000ChrisGiveawaySent to TecScout - Contributor of the WeekLink
9.17.182,000ChrisGiveawaySent to Kissamarx for Twitter RT CompetitionLink
9.17.181,000ChrisGiveawayYuria did not receive drop - was on list to receiveLink
9.17.18172,750LokiGiveawayAirdrop #2 Link
9.18.183,000ChrisGiveawayLiambirkin missed airdrop due to wrong addressLink
9.18.181,000ChrisGiveawayPHKai missed airdrop due to processing errorLink
9.22.1850,000ShelbyGiveawayBitcoinLifestylesClub promotional bountyLink
9.22.185,000ShelbyGiveawayFaucet RefillLink
9.22.188,914ShelbyGiveawayTipbot Refill - Shelby - ShX7XURF56ymm2hxcgWZLW2fd3UEQvqPp8Link
9.23.18355,500LokiGiveawayAirdrop #3Link
9.30.18405,750LokiGiveawayAirdrop #4Link
10.2.181,400ChrisGiveawayBounty Payment -
10.2.1850,000ChrisGiveawayBounty Payment - SignaturesLink
10.3.183,250ChrisGiveawaySpacedis - Sent him his Airdrop - was getting married during the hours.Link
10.7.18662,750LokiGiveawayAirdrop #5Link
Tipbot Refill (Remaining AD Funds)Link
Shelby - ShX7XURF56ymm2hxcgWZLW2fd3UEQvqPp8Link
Loki - SaJn9kp8bvSvQtRu2VwiWUGd7cuU5nYi8ELink
Discord Bot - SiXLU6GDcFisAxhBJcg8zUHaDWr5spnfbbLink
10.10.18250ChrisGiveawayBounty Payment - 250 $GENXLink
10.21.188,000ChrisGiveawayFaucet Refill - 8kLink
10.21.18100,000Shelby-OtherGiveawayReinbursement for using personal funds for #FreeHashFridayLink
10.23.184,000ChrisGiveaway1 x Signature payment 4,000 $GENXLink
10.23.1832,000ChrisGiveaway8 x Signature payments - 32,000 $GENXLink
10.23.188,000ChrisGiveaway1 x Signature Payment - 8,000 $GENXLink
10.24.1840,000ChrisGiveawayRepayment to myself for the payments for Signature campaign Link
10.24.185,000ChrisGiveawayMod Payment to TecScoutLink
10.30.1818,000ChrisGiveawaySig Campaign - Payment - Jr. MembersLink
10.30.183,000ChrisGiveawaySign Campaign - Payment - Jr Member - Alihassan - MissedLink
10.30.1820,000ChrisGiveawaySig Campaign - Payment - MembersLink
10.30.1837,500ChrisGiveawaySig Campaign - Payment - Full MembersLink
10.30.186,000ChrisGiveawaySig Campaign - Payment - Sr MembersLink
10.30.1815,500ChrisGiveawaySig Campaign - Payment - Hero MembersLink
10.30.189,000ChrisGiveawaySig Campaign - Payment - Legend MembersLink
11.1.185,000ChrisGiveawayMod Payment to TecScoutLink
11.6.1828,500ChrisGiveawaySig Campaign - Payment - Jr. MembersLink
11.6.1820,000ChrisGiveawaySig Campaign - Payment - MembersLink
11.6.1855,000ChrisGiveawaySig Campaign - Payment - Full MembersLink
11.6.186,000ChrisGiveawaySig Campaign - Payment - Sr MembersLink
11.6.1816,000ChrisGiveawaySig Campaign - Payment - Hero MembersLink
11.6.1818,000ChrisGiveawaySig Campaign - Payment - Legend MembersLink
11.8.185,000ChrisGiveawayMod Payment to TecScoutLink
11.13.18110,328LokiGiveawayFaucet RefillLink
11.13.1831,500ChrisGiveawaySig Campaign - Payment - Jr. MembersLink
11.13.1820,000ChrisGiveawaySig Campaign - Payment - MembersLink
11.13.1850,000ChrisGiveawaySig Campaign - Payment - Full MembersLink
11.13.1812,000ChrisGiveawaySig Campaign - Payment - Sr MembersLink
11.13.1816,000ChrisGiveawaySig Campaign - Payment - Hero MembersLink
11.13.1818,000ChrisGiveawaySig Campaign - Payment - Legend MembersLink
11.17.185,000ChrisGiveawayMod Payment to TecScoutLink
11.17.18145,000Shelby-OtherGiveawayReimbursement for using personal funds for Marketing effortsLink
11.17.18100,000LokiGiveawayFaucet RefillLink
11.17.18100,000LokiGiveawayMisc. Social Media Giveaway (Shelby)Link
11.20.1833,000ChrisGiveawaySig Campaign - Payment - Jr. MembersLink
11.20.1812,000ChrisGiveawaySig Campaign - Payment - MembersLink
11.20.1845,000ChrisGiveawaySig Campaign - Payment - Full MembersLink
11.20.1821,000ChrisGiveawaySig Campaign - Payment - Sr MembersLink
11.20.1834,000ChrisGiveawaySig Campaign - Payment - Hero & Legendary MembersLink
11.26.182,500ChrisGiveawayPayment to meanwords (sig campaign) Administration ErrorLink
11.27.1846,000ChrisGiveawaySig Campaign - Jr. Member & Member Link
11.27.1855,000ChrisGiveawaySig Campgin - Full MembersLink
11.27.1878,000ChrisGiveawaySig Campaing - Senior, Here, and Legenary MembersLink
12.4.18169 500ChrisGiveawaySig CampaignLink
12.5.185,000ChrisGiveawayMod Payment to TecScoutLink